Commit ef7972ef authored by Sofia Papagiannaki's avatar Sofia Papagiannaki
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pithos: Do not report size change in move folder operation

Refs: #4154
parent 3d471ae0
......@@ -1153,10 +1153,12 @@ class ModularBackend(BaseBackend):
user, dest_account, dest_container, vdest_name, size,
vtype, hash, None, dest_domain, meta={},
replace_meta=False, permissions=None, src_node=node,
src_version_id=src_version_id, is_copy=is_copy))
src_version_id=src_version_id, is_copy=is_copy,
if is_move and ((src_account, src_container, src_name) !=
(dest_account, dest_container, dest_name)):
self._delete_object(user, src_account, src_container, path)
self._delete_object(user, src_account, src_container, path,
return (dest_version_ids[0] if len(dest_version_ids) == 1 else
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