Commit eb8222f5 authored by Chrysostomos Nanakos's avatar Chrysostomos Nanakos Committed by Christos Stavrakakis
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pithos: Remove get_pithos_usage() call from loop

get_pithos_usage() call is needed only once just before entering
the loop and is used every time afterwards.
parent 4f5cfcc6
......@@ -240,10 +240,10 @@ def account_list(request):
return response
account_meta = []
usage = get_pithos_usage(request.x_auth_token)
for x in accounts:
if x == request.user_uniq:
usage = get_pithos_usage(request.x_auth_token)
meta = request.backend.get_account_meta(
request.user_uniq, x, 'pithos', include_user_defined=False,
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