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Sphinx format fixes in Changelog file

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......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Released: UNRELEASED
* Create 'snf_django' Python package to hold common code for all Synnefo
......@@ -23,23 +24,19 @@ Astakos
* Redesign of the accounting system (quotaholder) and integration into
* Simplified the quotaholder model; removed tables Entity and Policy; now
table Holding contains limit and usage for every holding.
* Extended table Holding, so that we can keep track of quota for every
valid combination of holder (e.g. user), resource, and source (e.g. the
default system or some specific project).
* Refactored code for issuing and resolving commissions for robustness;
added a 'force' option to bypass the upper limit check when issuing a
* Simplified syncing to the quotaholder; removed fields from models
Project and ProjectMembership, previously needed for syncing; removed
state PROJECT_DEACTIVATED from ProjectMembership.
......@@ -49,11 +46,9 @@ astakos.
internal resource name by prefixing it with service name (e.g. 'vm'
becomes 'cyclades.vm'); renamed registered service 'pithos+' to
* Specified a procedure to register a service's resources in astakos and
set their respective default base quota limit. Removed resource
definitions from settings.
* Moved service and resource presentation data out of the respective db
models into a separate file of UI constants.
......@@ -66,16 +61,14 @@ astakos.
* Lock only project's chain for all project operations; lock user before
syncing to quotaholder.
* When locking multiple rows (e.g. users or holdings) include an ORDER BY
clause in the query to impose ordering on locking.
* API-related changes:
* Implemented API calls for quota, resources, and commissions.
* Moved all API calls under '/astakos/api'. Kept also previous locations
for backwards compatibility.
* Implemented API calls for quota, resources, and commissions.
* Moved all API calls under '/astakos/api'. Kept also previous locations
for backwards compatibility.
* Changes in views:
......@@ -101,26 +94,23 @@ astakos.
* Split activation email from moderation process. Administrator is required
to moderate user explicitly using the `user-modify --accept` or
`user-modify --reject` commands.
* Improved logging throught out user activation procedures.
* Improved logging throught out user activation procedures.
* Management commands:
* Renamed command astakos-quota to quota; user-update to user-modify.
* Removed user-set-initial-quota; integrated its functionality in
user-modify and quota.
* Added quota and project-related information in user-show command; added
membership information in project-show.
* New commands introduced
* user-group-{add, list}
* user-auth-policy-{add, list, remove, set, show}
* Make 'type' attribute required for network create API request.
* Networks not created to all Ganeti backends upon creation, they are instead
created to a backend only when a VM connects to the network.
......@@ -138,16 +128,16 @@ Cyclades
"VMS_USER_QUOTA" and "NETWORKS_USER_QUOTA" settings, since their usage
is covered by Quotaholder.
Cyclades helpdesk
* Additional start/stop vm action
* Display extend backend info in vm's view
* Fixed IP lookup
* Remove PITHOS_AUTHENTICATION_USERS setting, which was used to override
astakos users.
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