Commit eac8a9ed authored by Antony Chazapis's avatar Antony Chazapis

Fix shared object listings.

Fixes #2068
parent 25d6b5cc
......@@ -428,19 +428,22 @@ class ModularBackend(BaseBackend):
if user != account and until:
raise NotAllowedError
allowed = self._list_object_permissions(user, account, container, prefix, shared)
if shared and not allowed:
return []
path, node = self._lookup_container(account, container)
allowed = self._get_formatted_paths(allowed)
return self._list_object_properties(node, path, prefix, delimiter, marker, limit, virtual, domain, keys, until, size_range, allowed, all_props)
def _list_object_permissions(self, user, account, container, prefix, shared):
allowed = []
path = '/'.join((account, container, prefix)).rstrip('/')
if user != account:
allowed = self.permissions.access_list_paths(user, '/'.join((account, container, prefix)))
allowed = self.permissions.access_list_paths(user, path)
if not allowed:
raise NotAllowedError
if shared:
allowed = self.permissions.access_list_shared('/'.join((account, container, prefix)))
allowed = self.permissions.access_list_shared(path)
if not allowed:
return []
return allowed
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