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Update Changelog before tagging v0.5.1

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2011-07-14, v0.5.1
* non-standard dpi settings (#343)
* many minor bugs (#717)
* remove "Login again" button from Java VNC viewer (#731)
* Fix no firewall settings shown for newly built machines (#753)
* Fix handling of transitional "Destroying" state (#771)
* Use well-formed, client- and server-specific messages
for the Connect operation (#801)
* Fix misaligned action labels in IE (#821)
generic cross-browser compatibility fixes (#341)
* fix dispatcher flushing AMQP queues (#719)
* Support asynchronous VM deletion (#721)
* Add backend prefix to all AMQP queues (#723)
* Document workarounds for dispatcher daemonization problems
when logging to stdout (#779)
* Fix ntfsclone causing excess I/O load due to verbose output (#729)
* Have API use the flavor-defined disk sizes (#759)
* Make backend disk templates (plain, drbd) configurable (#77&)
* Work around Ganeti bug with getting VNC console info (#783)
* Set serial_console=False explicitly on Ganeti backend (#785)
* Allow exception info to propagate when VNC console allocation fails
* Handle deletion of machines in ERROR when no Ganeti instance exists
* Synchronize contrib/kvm-vif-bridge to agree with the API on the tags
to use for firewall profiles (#789)
* Add themed form for invitations, integrate with UI (#439)
* Add themed feedback form, integrate with API error window
(~okeanos #7)
Admin tool:
* Add initial version of snf-admin tool for user, VM and image
management (#727)
2011-07-01, v0.5
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