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docs: Add prerequisites for upgrade to v0.15

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Upgrade to Synnefo v0.15
Before upgrading to v0.15 there are two steps that must be performed, relative
with Cyclades networking service.
Add unique name to the NICs of all Ganeti instances
Since Ganeti 2.8, it is supported to give a name to NICs of Ganeti instances
and refer to them with their name, and not only by their index. Synnefo v0.15
assigns a unique name to each NIC and refers to them by their unique name.
Before upgrading to v0.15, Synnefo must assign names to all existing NICs.
This can easily be performed with a helper script that is shipped with Synnefo
.. code-block:: console$ /usr/lib/synnefo/tools/add_unique_name_to_nics
.. note:: If you are not upgrading from v0.14.10, you can find the migration
script here XXX.
Extend public networks to all Ganeti backends
Before v0.15, each public network of Cyclades existed in one of the Ganeti
backends. In order to support dynamic addition and removal of public IPv4
address across VMs, each public network must exist in all Ganeti backends.
If you are using more than one Ganeti backends, before upgrading to v0.15 you
must ensure that the network configuration to all Ganeti backends is identical
and appropriate to support all public networks of Cyclades.
Upgrade Steps
The upgrade to v0.15 consists in the following steps:
1. Bring down services and backup databases.
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