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Update Changelog to include cyclades ui changes

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......@@ -192,6 +192,40 @@ Cyclades
of snf-vncauthproxy has been dropped. See also the upgrade notes for Synnefo
and snf-vncauthproxy-1.5.
Cyclades UI
- Retrieve all networks information from the introduced cyclades network
- New IPs pane from which user can manage floating IPs.
- Redesign public keys overlay as an additional pane view.
- Split networking configuration into an additional step in machine create
- Display forced networks and choices of the available floating IPs which will
be assigned to the created machine.
- Support for machine resize action. Explicit handling when machine is started
by displaying an utility shutdown button within the resize overlay.
- Machine IPs toggling subview in icon/single views.
- Replace IPv4/IPv6 with machine's FQDN in icon/single view. When no FQDN can
be resolved display a message. Message can be configured using the introduced
``UI_NO_FQDN_MESSAGE``. Setting ``UI_VM_HOSTNAME_FORMAT`` has been removed
and no longer used.
- Respect ``SNF:task_state`` machine attribute in order to improve machine
status display.
- Append software version as a url parameter in HTML static files in order
to force browser cache invalidation between versions.
- Configurable Google fonts base url. Fonts base url can be changed usint the
- Regression fix: Display reboot required notification on machine firewall
- Handling of ``GANETI_USE_HOTPLUG`` setting. Do not allow live network actions
when setting is set to ``False``.
- Double escaping fix in machine create wizard images list and machine details
- Fix image ordering in machine create wizard.
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