Commit e0fd9645 authored by Georgios Gousios's avatar Georgios Gousios
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Simulate Ganeti events to update VM status on reconciliation

parent fc50fc0d
......@@ -149,24 +149,34 @@ def status_job_finished (message) :
if msg["status"] != "success" :
_logger.warn("Ignoring non-success status update from job %d on VM %s",
msg['jobId'], msg['instance'])
status = backend.get_job_status(msg['jobId'])
_logger.debug("Node status job result: %s" % status)
stat = _parse_json(status)
if stat["summary"] != "INSTANCE_QUERY_DATA" or \
type(stat["opresult"]) is not list:
_logger.error("Status is of unknown type %s", stat["summary"])
if status['summary'][0] != u'INSTANCE_QUERY_DATA' :
_logger.error("Status update is of unknown type %s", status['summary'])
req_state = stat['opresult'][msg['instance']]['config_state']
run_state = stat['opresult'][msg['instance']]['run_state']
vm = VirtualMachine.objects.get(name=msg['instance'])
backend.update_status(vm, run_state)
conf_state = status['opresult'][0][msg['instance']]['config_state']
run_state = status['opresult'][0][msg['instance']]['run_state']
# XXX: The following assumes names like snf-12
instid = msg['instance'].split('-')[1]
vm = VirtualMachine.objects.get(id = instid)
if run_state == "up":
else :
backend.process_op_status(vm=vm, jobid=msg['jobId'],opcode=opcode,
logmsg="Reconciliation: simulated event")
except KeyError as k:
_logger.error("Malformed incoming JSON, missing attributes: %s", k)
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