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Add NEWS for Synnefo 0.16rc1

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......@@ -7,15 +7,96 @@ Since v0.13 all Synnefo components have been merged into a single repository.
.. _NEWS-0.16:
This is the first release candidate for Synnefo 0.16.
.. warning::
While we have done our best to ensure a smooth upgrade path from Synnefo
0.15.2, this release is not the final Synnefo 0.16, yet. Please do not install
this release directly on production systems. For any problems you may
encounter, please do not hesitate to contact the Synnefo users group,
The Synnefo 0.16 release brings major new features and significant bug fixes
across Synnefo. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. Please see
the Synnefo documentation for upgrade instructions to v0.16.
The most notables changes are:
* Addition of an Administrator Dashboard (Admin) to manage and view various
Synnefo entities.
* Administrator Dashboard: Synnefo 0.16 features a new, integrated Web-based UI
for managing Synnefo users and resources. It allows the administrator to
view, filter, modify, and produce stats for all Synnefo resources. This new
interface will eventually replace the old read-only helpdesk interface, which
has been obsoleted and will be removed in Synnefo 0.17.
* Pool projects: Projects have been upgraded to a new unified `pool project`
type in Synnefo 0.16. Resources get assigned to projects, and project members
may reserve resources from individual projects for their own use. Users may
choose the project where a new resource be charged (e.g., a new Cyclades VM or
a new IP address), and re-assign them freely. Pre-0.16 projects are a subset
of pool projects, with per-user constraints on resource consumption.
* Management command logging: All Synnefo management commands and their outputs
are individually logged, which may prove very useful for debugging and
auditing purposes.
* Archipelago has been adopted as the single backend for Pithos. It is a
unified access layer supporting NFS or Ceph/RADOS-based storage. Current
Pithos installations over NFS can be migrated seamlessly to Pithos over
Archipelago over NFS, please see the Synnefo upgrade notes (FIXME)
and the Archipelago Administrator's Guide for more details.
Cyclades VMs continue to run over all Ganeti-supported disk templates,
including DRBD, LVM, Ceph/RBD, and Archipelago.
* Various bug fixes and performance improvements. Please see the Synnefo
`Changelog` for a complete list.
* Storage: Major improvements in VM storage handling.
This release introduces a complete implementation of the OpenStack Block Storage
(Cinder) API v2.0, with distinct /volumes, /snapshots/, /types API endpoints.
* Storage: You can now add and remove virtual disks to and from VMs, even when
they are powered on, with hot-(un)plugging.
* Storage: You can now snapshot running VMs to files on Pithos, provided
their storage is backed by Archipelago. New snapshots appear in Pithos and
are manage-able as Pithos files.
* Storage: You can now spawn new VMs from pre-existing snapshots, regardless
of their disk template, e.g., you can use an existing snapshot to spawn a
DRBD VM. If the new VM is to be based on Archipelago, its creation is a thin
clone and completes in seconds.
PLEASE NOTE: Snapshot support is a work-in-progress, and Archipelago does not
yet perform garbage collection on snapshot deletion. This will be fixed in
Synnefo 0.17.
* Console: Support noVNC-based console for an HTML5-based UI to server consoles
over VNC, with HTTPS encryption. This removes the need for a working Java Runtime
Environment in the client's browser.
* Console: Support multiple console types, including VNC over raw TCP sockets
and VNC over Websockets, with optional encryption.
* Projects: Supports arbitrary (re-)assignment of Cyclades resources to
individual projects.
* Admin: Support end-to-end checking of the Ganeti-to-Synnefo update path,
including all intermediate daemons and the Message Queue.
* Numerous bug fixes, performance improvements and improved usability in
management commands.
* Pithos has been refactored to use Archipelago as its single unified storage
backend. Individual storage types (e.g., NFS, or RADOS) are handled by
Archipelago itself.
* Snapshots: Snapshots created from Cyclades VMs on Archipelago are now
presented as files on Pithos and may be downloaded via the Pithos UI.
.. _NEWS-0.15.2:
......@@ -157,7 +238,7 @@ Synnefo-wide
.. _NEWS-0.14.10:
Released: Tue Nov 26 11:03:37 EET 2013
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