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docs: Mention new projects in upgrade notes

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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ The upgrade to v0.16 consists in the following steps:
2. Upgrade packages, migrate the databases and configure settings.
3. __placeholder__
3. Inspect and adjust resource limits.
4. Bring up all services.
......@@ -108,9 +108,56 @@ The upgrade to v0.16 consists in the following steps:
pithos-host$ pithos-migrate upgrade head
3. __placeholder__
3. Inspect and adjust resource limits
Synnefo 0.16 brings significant changes at the project mechanism. Projects
are now viewed as a source of finite resources, instead of a means to
accumulate quota. They are the single source of resources, and quota are now
managed at a project/member level.
System-provided base quota are now handled through special purpose
user-specific *base projects*, identified with the same UUID as the user.
These have been created during the database migration process. They are
included in the project listing with::
snf-manage project-list --base-projects
All projects must specify quota limits for all registered resources. Default
values have been set for all resources, listed with::
astakos-host$ snf-manage resource-list
Column `base_default` (previously known as `default_quota`) provides the
skeleton for the quota limits of user-specific base projects. Column
`project_default` is new and acts as skeleton for `applied` (non-base)
projects (i.e., for resources not specified in a project application).
Project defaults have been initialized during migration based on the base
default values: they have been set to `inf` if `base_default` is also `inf`,
otherwise set to zero.
This default, affecting all future projects, can be modified with::
astakos-host$ snf-manage resource-modify <name> --project-default <value>
Till now a project definition contained one quota limit per resource: the
maximum that a member can get from the project. A new limit is introduced:
the grand maximum a project can provide to its members. This new project
limit is initialized during migration as `max members * member limit` (if
`max members` is not set, the double of current active members is assumed).
Existing projects can now be modified directly through the command line. In
order to change a project's resource limits, run::
astakos-host$ snf-manage project-modify <project_uuid> --limit <resource_name> <member_limit> <project_limit>
With the new mechanism, when a new resource is allocated (e.g., a VM or a
Pithos container is created), it is also associated with a project besides
its owner. The migration process has associated existing resources with
their owner's base project. Note that users who had made use of projects to
increase their quota may end up overlimit on some resources of their base
projects and will need to *reassign* some of their reserved resources to
another project in order to overcome this restriction.
4. Bring all services up
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