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docs: Mention astakos registration scripts

snf-register-components and snf-service-export
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......@@ -1087,6 +1087,26 @@ reconcile-commissions-cyclades Detect and resolve pending commissions to Quotaho
reconcile-resources-cyclades Reconcile resource usage of Astakos with Cyclades DB.
============================== ===========================
Astakos helper scripts
Astakos includes two scripts to facilitate the installation procedure.
.. code-block:: console
snf-register-components [<component_name>]
automates the registration of the standard Synnefo components (astakos,
cyclades, and pithos) in astakos database. It internally uses the script:
.. code-block:: console
snf-service-export <component_name> <base_url>
which simulates the export of service and resource definitions of the
standard Synnefo components.
Pithos managing accounts
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