Commit ca1b80a4 authored by Kostas Papadimitriou's avatar Kostas Papadimitriou

Update Changelog

include upcoming changes related to

- astakos ui
- astakos admin api
- cyclades ui
parent 89d99cac
......@@ -88,6 +88,27 @@ Astakos
* Projects can be set `private', making it accessible only to its owner and
* Admin users API
* Extend astakos identity API to support user management functionality.
* Admin API related settings
Whether or not the admin api endpoints will be enabled.
A list of group names for which users which belong to any of
them be granted full access to the admin API endpoints.
* Updated projects integration in UI
* Display both max per member/total in group quota in project views.
* Enhanced usage view to display individual resource usage details for
each of the projects the user is associated with.
* Display project usage statistics in project details view.
* Display system projects in admin project list view.
* Handle display of infinite resource quota values.
......@@ -100,8 +121,42 @@ Cyclades
Cyclades UI
* In sync with the updated astakos projects API
* Include a project select widget within all resource create views, to let user
decide the project that the created resources will be assigned to.
* Display resource assigned project in resource list views.
* Let user reassign resource project.
* Volumes API integration.
* Introduce the Disks list/create views.
* Display machine attached disks in icon/single machine views.
* Use ``CYCLADES_VOLUME_MAX_SIZE`` setting to determine the
maximum allowed disk size.
* Integrate volume snapshots
* Include available snapshots in disk/vm create wizards.
* Disk snaphot create actions.
* The ui snapshoting functionality (snapshot actions and listing)
can be enabled/disabled using the introduced ``UI_SNAPSHOTS_ENABLED``
* Replace TigerVNC Java client with an HTML5 Websocket-based client (noVNC)
* Other UI fixes
* Disabled suspended vm actions
* Custom error message for 413 api error response codes
* Enable resize actions from both info/actions subviews for active
* Update images collection each time machine create wizard opens
* Fixed a couple of title truncate in several views
* Handle display of infinite resource quota values.
* Improve network create wizard. Support for custom gateway.
* Common font styling for all resource titles
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