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Change snf-ganeti version in docs

Update snf-ganeti version with the latest available and explain
the patch sets that are applied on top of the official 2.8.3.
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......@@ -1365,42 +1365,32 @@ Ganeti nodes:
It's time to install Ganeti. To be able to use hotplug (which will be part of
the official Ganeti 2.10), we recommend using our Ganeti package version:
Let's briefly explain each patch:
Let's briefly explain each patch set:
* hotplug: hotplug devices (NICs and Disks) (ganeti 2.10).
* b64v1: Save bitarray of network IP pools in config file, encoded in
base64, instead of 0/1.
* ippoolfix: Ability to give an externally reserved IP to an instance (e.g.
gateway IP) (ganeti 2.10).
* kvmopts: Export disk geometry to kvm command and add migration
* extfix: Includes:
* snap adds snapshot support for ext disk template
* b64 saves networks' bitarrays in a more compact representation
* kvm exports disk geometry to kvm command and adds migration capabilities
* ext
* exports logical id in hooks.
* adds better arbitrary params support (modification, deletion).
* cache, heads, cyls arbitrary params reach kvm command.
* exports logical id in hooks
* allows cache, heads, cyls arbitrary params to reach kvm command
* rapifix: Extend RAPI το support 'depends' and 'shutdown_timeout' body
arguments. (ganeti 2.9).
* netxen: Network configuration for xen instances, exactly like in kvm
instances. (ganeti 2.9).
* lockfix2: Fixes for 2 locking issues:
* lockfix is a workaround for Issue #621
* ipfix does not require IP if mode is routed (needed for IPv6 only NICs)
* backports is a set of patches backported from stable-2.10
* Issue 622: Fix for opportunistic locking that caused an assertion
error (Patch waiting in ganeti-devel list).
* Issue 621: Fix for network locking issue that resulted in: [Lock
'XXXXXX' not found in set 'instance' (it may have been removed)].
* snapshot: Add trivial 'snapshot' functionality that is unused by Synnefo
or Ganeti.
* Hotplug support
* Better networking support (NIC configuration scripts)
* Change IP pool to support NAT instances
* Change RAPI to accept depends body argument and shutdown_timeout
To install Ganeti run:
.. code-block:: console
# apt-get install snf-ganeti ganeti-htools ganeti-haskell
# apt-get install snf-ganeti ganeti-htools ganeti-haskell ganeti2
Ganeti will make use of drbd. To enable this and make the configuration
permanent you have to do the following :
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