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docs: Document the use of custom image listing sections

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......@@ -74,7 +74,8 @@ Cyclades UI
* Add UI_IMAGE_LISTING_USERS setting to enable custom defined image sections
in image selection view of the VM creation wizard.
in image selection view of the VM creation wizard. The sections are defined
using the LISTING_SECTION image property.
* Change default private network gateway to 'None'.
* Include machine icon images for bitnami.
......@@ -899,11 +899,22 @@ image to Cyclades:
Deletion of an image is done via `kamaki image unregister` command, which will
delete the Cyclades Images but will leave the Pithos file as is (unregister).
Apart from using `kamaki` to see and hangle the available images, the
Apart from using `kamaki` to see and handle the available images, the
administrator can use `snf-manage image-list` and `snf-manage image-show`
commands to list and inspect the available public images. Also, the `--user`
option can be used the see the images of a specific user.
Custom image listing sections
Since Synnefo 0.16.2, the installation wizard supports custom image listing
sections. Images with the ``LISTING_SECTION`` image property set, and whose
owner uuid is listed in the ``UI_IMAGE_LISTING_USERS`` Cyclades setting (in
``/etc/synnefo/20-snf-cyclades-app-ui.conf``) will be displayed in a separate
section in the installation wizard. The name of the new section will be the
value of the ``LISTING_SECTION`` image property.
Virtual Servers
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