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install-guide: Kamaki config has changed

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......@@ -2092,13 +2092,12 @@ installation. We do this by running:
.. code-block:: console
$ kamaki config set user.url ""
$ kamaki config set compute.url ""
$ kamaki config set image.url ""
$ kamaki config set file.url ""
$ kamaki config set token USER_TOKEN
$ kamaki config set cloud.default.url \
$ kamaki config set cloud.default.token USER_TOKEN
The USER_TOKEN appears on the user's `Profile` web page on the Astakos Web UI.
Both the Authentication URL and the USER_TOKEN appear on the user's
`API access` web page on the Astakos Web UI.
You can see that the new configuration options have been applied correctly,
either by checking the editable file ``~/.kamakirc`` or by running:
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