Commit c024d130 authored by Kostas Papadimitriou's avatar Kostas Papadimitriou
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ui: Remove public key view link from vm wizard

parent 79cab042
......@@ -1254,13 +1254,6 @@
this.selected_keys = [];
var self = this;
this.$(".create-ssh-key").click(function() {
var confirm_close = true;
if (confirm_close) {;
} else {
init_suggested_roles: function() {
......@@ -233,8 +233,8 @@
{% endblocktrans %}
<p class="desc empty hidden">
No ssh keys in your account. <a href="#"
class="create-ssh-key">Create/import a new key now</a>.
No ssh keys in your account. <br /><br />You can create or
import a new one from the <em>Public Keys</em> view.
<p class="desc warning disabled hidden">
The image you selected does not support ssh key
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