Commit bd29216a authored by Ilias Tsitsimpis's avatar Ilias Tsitsimpis

snf-ci: Remove obsolete ci config file

Remove ci_squeeze.conf config file. We do not support
Debian Squeeze any more.
parent b94661ee
# Timeouts in seconds
build_timeout = 240
# Apt repository to use
apt_repo =
deb squeeze/
deb squeeze main
# Synnefo git repo.
# If not set, snf-ci will copy and use the local repo.
synnefo_repo =
# Git branch to test (specify sha1 or branch name). If not set, the
# branch/sha will result from the current repository.
synnefo_branch =
# pithos-web-client git repo
pithos_webclient_repo =
# Git branch to use for pithos-web-client
# If not set, snf-ci will decide which one to use
pithos_webclient_branch =
# Defines the schema that snf-deploy will use
schema = one_node_squeeze
# Local dir to save builded packages
pkgs_dir = /tmp/synnefo_pkgs
# If True patch the module (see Debian bug #657665)
patch_pydist = True
# Configuration of git (on remote server)
git_config_name = Buildbot
git_config_mail =
# Network address from which we allow access to server.
# If not set, access to server is not restricted.
accept_ssh_from =
# Config file to save temporary options (eg IPs, passwords etc)
temporary_config = /tmp/ci_temp_conf
# File to save the x2goplugin html file
x2go_plugin_file = /tmp/x2go.html
# Choose the 'cloud' to use from .kamakirc
kamaki_cloud =
# Server name to use for our machine
server_name = Synnefo_CI
# A list of flavors (comma seperated) to choose from
# The user can specify a flavor name (reg expression)
# with "name:" or a flavor id with "id:".
flavors = name:C2R2...D20ext_.*, name:C2R2...D20drbd, id:1
# A list of images (comma seperated) to choose from
# The user can specify an image name (reg expression)
# with "name:" or an image id with "id:".
images = name:SynnefoCISqueeze.*, name:Debian Base \(OldStable\), id:72d9844f-1024-4a07-a3c3-60d650b8f5cd
# File containing the ssh keys to upload/install to server
# If not set, no ssh keys will be installed
ssh_keys = ~/.ssh/
# Maybe add some burnin options
# (e.g. tests to run/ignore, timeouts etc)
cmd_options = --images "name:.*" --flavors "name:C1R512D2file" --no-ipv6
[Unit Tests]
component = astakos cyclades pithos astakosclient
# Projects reside on this repo
projects =
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