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Update Changelog for shared resources

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them (e.g. the user's email).
* Minor changes so that 'local' authentication provider is treated
in the same way as all other providers.
* Add the UUIDs of the projects that the user is member in the response
of 'identity/v2.0/tokens' API call.
* Implement shared resources among members of a project.
* Extend Cyclades API with the 'shared_to_project' field, indicating whether
a resource is shared to the members of the project that the resource belongs
* Extend `reassign` API call with the 'shared_to_project' field that can be
used to share or unshare a resource to project members.
* Update Cyclades API to return all resources that are accessible to a user,
and not only those that are owned by the user.
* Update snf-manage commands to show whether a resource is shared or not.
Cyclades UI
* Extend Cyclades UI to work with shared resources
* Add option to share/unshare a resource in the project reassign view.
* Add icons to distinquish resources that are either shared by the user
or a shared to the user.
* Properly handle ghost resources, which are resources that are visible to
the user only because they are related with some shared resource, but the
user has no access to them. Add tooltip to explain this to the user.
.. _Changelog-0.16.2:
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