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Updated README with example usage, and info about scripts.

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snf-burnin is an integration testing tool for a running Synnefo deployment.
It runs test scenarios from the following categories:
- Authentication
- Images
- Flavors
- Servers
- Networking
snf-burnin --token=TOKEN --image-id=IMAGE-ID --log-folder=LOG_FOLDER
For more options:
snf-burnin --help
Example scripts
Under /snf-tools/conf/ you can find example scripts for automating snf-burnin testing using cron.
- **** runs snf-burnin with the given parameters, deletes stale instances (servers, networks) from old runs and delete logs older than a week. It aborts if snf-burnin runs for longer than expected.
- **** checks for failed snf-burnin tests the last 30 minutes in a given log folder. Exit status is 0 if no failures where encountered, else exit status is 1.
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