Commit b1be63cb authored by Vangelis Koukis's avatar Vangelis Koukis
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Remove obsolete failing test

parent 16273689
......@@ -239,19 +239,6 @@ class ProcessOpStatusTestCase(TestCase):
self.assertEquals(get_rsapi_state(vm), 'DELETED')
def test_unknown_op(self):
"""Test notification for unknown Ganeti op raises exception"""
msg = self.msg_op
msg['operation'] = 'OP_INSTANCE_SOMETHING_ELSE'
msg['status'] = 'success'
# This machine is initially in BUILD
vm = VirtualMachine.objects.get(pk=30002)
vm, msg["jobId"], msg["operation"],
msg["status"], msg["logmsg"])
def test_op_create_error(self):
"""Test notification for failed OP_INSTANCE_CREATE"""
msg = self.msg_op
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