Commit b1126fe8 authored by Sofia Papagiannaki's avatar Sofia Papagiannaki
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astakos oa2: Early failure in case of conflicting client information.

Catch earlier requests containing conflicting client identification
(client_id) and client authorization (authorization header).
parent 2b736fd1
...@@ -478,10 +478,10 @@ class SimpleBackend(object): ...@@ -478,10 +478,10 @@ class SimpleBackend(object):
return None, None return None, None
pass pass
def _get_authorization(self, params, headers): def _get_authorization(self, params, headers, authorization_required=True):
scheme, client_credentials = self._get_credentials(params, headers) scheme, client_credentials = self._get_credentials(params, headers)
no_authorization = scheme is None and client_credentials is None no_authorization = scheme is None and client_credentials is None
if no_authorization: if authorization_required and no_authorization:
raise OA2Error("Missing authorization header") raise OA2Error("Missing authorization header")
return client_credentials return client_credentials
...@@ -524,15 +524,17 @@ class SimpleBackend(object): ...@@ -524,15 +524,17 @@ class SimpleBackend(object):
client_credentials = None client_credentials = None
try: # check authorization header try: # check authorization header
client_credentials = self._get_authorization(params, meta) client_credentials = self._get_authorization(params, meta,
if client_credentials is not None: if client_credentials is not None:
_client_id = client_credentials[0] _client_id = client_credentials[0]
if client_id is not None and client_id != _client_id: if client_id is not None and client_id != _client_id:
raise OA2Error("Client identification conflicts " raise OA2Error("Client identification conflicts "
"with client authorization") "with client authorization")
client_id = _client_id client_id = _client_id
if client_id is None: if client_id is None:
raise OA2Error("Missing client identification") raise OA2Error("Missing client identification")
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