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Modify Changelog before tagging v0.6

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2011-09-12, v0.6
* Initial version of new Web-based admininstration panel, allows
management of Synnefo entities directly on the DB (#849)
* Allow setting https apiurl and token in cloud tool (#853)
* Overhauled reconciliation mechanism, unit tests (#1021, #811)
* Overhaul CPU/RAM/disk sliders in UI to be more intuitive (#843)
* Support setting of small, medium large flavors in UI (#815)
* Have the UI filter flavors, depending on image size (#817)
* Better, error-specific handling of error codes in UI (#971)
* Implement retrieval of authentication token from the UI (#977)
* Re-worked invitation UI is more vocal on errors, supports pagination
* Support a list of UI-specific metadata keys to be copied from Image
to newly-created Server (#847)
* Support dd-based deployment of Windows and Linux images, using only
dd-based sequential I/O, get rid of ntfsclone (#965, #1007)
* Fix Opera failing with "too old changes-since value" when idle (#521)
* Fix UI problems with Firefox 3.5.x (#781)
* Fix server statistics not refreshing properly in the UI (#881)
* Machine rename icon not visible on IE (#909)
* Fix list view fail not updating machine state properly (#915)
* Fix colors in "Error" state (#953)
* Fix the confirmation bar disappearing at times (#955)
* Hide all actions when in state "Destroying..." (#957)
* Disable connect action when machine has no ip set (#983)
* Update image details on last vm creation step overlay on IE (#1011)
* Fix list view displays UI error when servers are updated on IE
* Make "Add invitation", remove invitation button appear clickable
* Fix Logic layer complaining about certain Ganeti opcodes (#1031)
2011-08-29, v0.5.5
......@@ -32,7 +76,6 @@ FIXES:
* snf-admin user invite is not non-ascii friendly (#943)
* snf-user should show email addresses, even without any arguments (#871)
* Show completion percentage when a machine is being built (#887)
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