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docs: Remove obsolete installation instructions

Remove the instructions about the need to run snf-image-update-helper
after the installation of snf-image. This command is ran in the post
installation phase of the debian package.
parent 30870c0a
......@@ -1186,17 +1186,6 @@ VM-capable Ganeti nodes.
not have a valid certificate. To circumvent this you should edit the file
``/etc/default/snf-image``. Change ``#CURL="curl"`` to ``CURL="curl -k"``.
After `snf-image` has been installed successfully, create the helper VM by
running on *both* nodes:
.. code-block:: console
# snf-image-update-helper
This will create all the needed files under ``/var/lib/snf-image/helper/`` for
snf-image to run successfully, and it may take a few minutes depending on your
Internet connection.
snf-image supports native access to Images stored on Pithos. This means that
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