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......@@ -1301,7 +1301,7 @@ uncommenting and setting the following:
**Copyright options:**
**Copyright and footer options:**
By default, no Copyright message is shown in the UI footer. If you want to make
it visible in the footer of Astakos, Pithos and Cyclades UI, you can uncomment
......@@ -1319,6 +1319,15 @@ setting the following option:
BRANDING_COPYRIGHT_MESSAGE = 'Copyright (c) 2011-2013 GRNET'
If you want to include a custom message in the footer, you can uncomment and
set the ``BRANDING_FOOTER_EXTRA_MESSAGE`` setting. You can use html markup.
Your custom message will appear above Copyright message at the Compute
templates and the Dashboard UI.
.. code-block:: python
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