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Updated documentation

- updated upgrade guide
- minor additions in developers guide
- minor additions in deployment guide
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......@@ -125,11 +125,13 @@ Static files
server will serve all static files (js/css) required by Synnefo web frontend to
* Change ``MEDIA_ROOT`` value in your settings to point to that directory.
* Run the following command which will create symlinks of static files in
that directory::
* Run the following command::
$ synnefo-manage link_static
the command will create symlinks of the appropriate static files inside the choosen
Using Apache
......@@ -148,3 +150,22 @@ Using nginx
run the fcgi server::
$ synnefo-manage runfcgi host= port=8015
Console scripts
......@@ -14,14 +14,16 @@ Prerequisites
For a basic development environment you need to follow steps
of `installation guide <installation>`, which should be read in its
entirety *before* this document.
of `installation guide <installation>`, which should be read
in its entirety *before* this document.
Setting up development environment
Although not necessary it is
Although not necessary it is suggested that you use a virtualenv as a base for
your development environment.
Development-specific guidelines on each step:
......@@ -264,7 +266,8 @@ Building Synnefo package
To create a python package from the Synnefo source code run::
$ cd snf-app
$ python sdist
this command will create a ``tar.gz`` python source package inside ``dist`` directory.
......@@ -276,10 +279,10 @@ Building Synnefo documentation
Make sure you have ``sphinx`` installed.
.. code-block:: bash
$ cd docs
$ cd snf-app/docs
$ make html
html files are generated in ``docs/_build/html`` directory
html files are generated in ``snf-app/docs/_build/html`` directory
.. include:: ci.rst
......@@ -7,6 +7,25 @@ For more information, please see README.deploy.
v0.7 -> v0.8
Synnefo is now distributed packaged in python/debian packages. You should
consider the following when migration from a previously `source` deployment
* To keep consistency with future changes you should change ``python`` calls with deployed ``synnefo-manage`` console script.
This includes automation scripts, service scripts etc.
Same applies for calls to ````, ``snf-tools/``,
``snf-tools/`` and ``snf-tools/`` which are replaced
respectively by ``synnefo-dispatcher``, ``synnefo-admin``,
``synnefo-burnin`` and ``synnefo-cloud``.
* Copy custom settings files located in projects ``settings.d`` directory
to ``/etc/synnefo/`` directory.
* Migrate location from which :ref:`static files <static-files>` are served from.
* The 'synnefo.ui.userdata' application has been added in
settings.d/00-apps.conf. Application urls appended in ui/
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