Commit a353b40a authored by Kostas Papadimitriou's avatar Kostas Papadimitriou
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Improved debian build commands in fabfile

parent 3f29a212
......@@ -160,10 +160,12 @@ def builddeb(p, master="master", branch="debian-0.8"):
with lcd(package_root(p)):
with settings(warn_only=True):
local("mkdir .git")
local("python clean")
local("git add synnefo/versions/*.py -f")
local("git-buildpackage --git-upstream-branch=%s --git-debian-branch=%s \
--git-export=INDEX --git-ignore-new" % (master, branch))
local("rm -rf .git")
local("git co .")
local("git reset synnefo/versions/*.py")
def builddeball(b="debian-0.8"):
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