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Update NEWS for Synnefo 0.14

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* Standardize URLs for Synnefo Components:
* impose structure and naming conventions to all URL related settings. Make
each component deployable under a user-configurable <COMPONENT>_BASE_URL.
Each API (compute, image, etc.) is deployable under a
developer-configurable prefix beneath BASE_URL.
* Branding customization support across synnefo frontend components:
* ability to adapt the Astakos, Pithos and Cyclades Web UI to a company’s
visual identity. This is possible using the snf-branding component, which
is automatically installed on the nodes running the API servers for
Astakos, Pithos and Cyclades.
* Create a JSON-exportable definition document for each Synnefo Components
(Astakos, Cyclades, Pithos, etc.) that consolidates APIs (services),
resources, and other standardized properties (e.g. default URL prefixes).
* Implement common client for communication with Astakos and proper error
* Redesign of the accounting system (quotaholder) and integration into
* Implemented the keystone API call POST /tokens
* Specified the API call allong with a procedure to register a Synnefo
component (e.g. cyclades) along with the services it provides (e.g.
compute, plankton) and the resources it handles (e.g. vm, cpu).
* All API calls are moved under '/account/v1.0'.
* Support API calls for quotas, commissions and resources.
* Improved user activation process
* Improve limit of pending applications by making it a quotable resource.
* Added fine grain user auth provider's policies.
* Overhauling of Astakos management commands for usability and uniformity.
* Speed up private network creation, by creating a network to a Ganeti backend
only when a server connects to that network.
* Rename management commands for commissions and resources for uniformity with
other services.
* Synchronize Cyclades API with Openstack Compute v2.0 API.
.. _NEWS-0.13:
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