Commit 9f40ad8b authored by Kostas Papadimitriou's avatar Kostas Papadimitriou
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Sync astakos migrations

apply authpolicies migrations on top of recently added astakos migrations in
develop branch.
parent ae019418
......@@ -236,6 +236,7 @@ class Migration(SchemaMigration):
'owner': ('django.db.models.fields.related.ForeignKey', [], {'related_name': "'projects_owned'", 'to': "orm['im.AstakosUser']"}),
'precursor_application': ('django.db.models.fields.related.ForeignKey', [], {'to': "orm['im.ProjectApplication']", 'null': 'True', 'blank': 'True'}),
'resource_grants': ('django.db.models.fields.related.ManyToManyField', [], {'symmetrical': 'False', 'to': "orm['im.Resource']", 'null': 'True', 'through': "orm['im.ProjectResourceGrant']", 'blank': 'True'}),
'response': ('django.db.models.fields.TextField', [], {'null': 'True', 'blank': 'True'}),
'response_date': ('django.db.models.fields.DateTimeField', [], {'null': 'True', 'blank': 'True'}),
'start_date': ('django.db.models.fields.DateTimeField', [], {'null': 'True', 'blank': 'True'}),
'state': ('django.db.models.fields.IntegerField', [], {'default': '0', 'db_index': 'True'})
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