Commit 9b77cbfe authored by Dionysis Grigoropoulos's avatar Dionysis Grigoropoulos
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cyclades: Bug fix in IP create, if no nets exist

* Use the proper message if no networks exist when creating an IP
* Update date on copyright notice
parent 4fc5996d
# Copyright 2013 GRNET S.A. All rights reserved.
# Copyright 2013-2014 GRNET S.A. All rights reserved.
# Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or
# without modification, are permitted provided that the following
......@@ -131,10 +131,10 @@ def allocate_public_ip(userid, floating_ip=False, backend=None, networks=None):
except pools.EmptyPool:
ip_type = "floating" if floating_ip else "public"
log_msg = "Failed to allocate a %s IP. Reason:" % ip_type
if ip_pool_rows:
log_msg += " No network exists."
if not ip_pool_rows:
log_msg += " No networks exist."
log_msg += " All network are full."
log_msg += " All networks are full."
if backend is not None:
log_msg += " Backend: %s" % backend
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