Commit 99bb30d5 authored by Dionysis Grigoropoulos's avatar Dionysis Grigoropoulos
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cyclades: Various fixes in api/

parent 31d5fac6
......@@ -131,12 +131,12 @@ def create_subnet(request):
networks.validate_network_params(None, None, cidr, gateway)
slac = subnet.get('slac', None)
if slac is not None:
dhcp = check_dhcp_value(slac)
dhcp = check_boolean_value(slac, "slac")
dhcp = check_dhcp_value(subnet.get('enable_dhcp', True))
dhcp = check_boolean_value(subnet.get('enable_dhcp', True), "dhcp")
networks.validate_network_params(cidr, gateway)
dhcp = check_dhcp_value(subnet.get('enable_dhcp', True))
dhcp = check_boolean_value(subnet.get('enable_dhcp', True), "dhcp")
name = check_name_length(subnet.get('name', None))
......@@ -227,37 +227,10 @@ def update_subnet(request, sub_id):
if not name:
raise api.faults.BadRequest("Only the name of subnet can be updated")
#if subnet.get('ip_version', None):
# raise api.faults.BadRequest("Malformed request, ip_version cannot be "
# "updated")
#if subnet.get('cidr', None):
# raise api.faults.BadRequest("Malformed request, cidr cannot be "
# "updated")
#if subnet.get('allocation_pools', None):
# raise api.faults.BadRequest("Malformed request, allocation pools "
# "cannot be updated")
# Check if request contained host/dns information
#name = subnet.get('name', original_dict['name'])
#dhcp = subnet.get('enable_dhcp', original_dict['enable_dhcp'])
#gateway = subnet.get('gateway_ip', original_dict['gateway_ip'])
#FIX ME, check if IP is in use
#if original_dict['ip_version'] == 6:
# networks.validate_network_params(None, None, original_dict['cidr'],
# gateway)
# networks.validate_network_params(original_dict['cidr'], gateway)
#original_subnet.gateway = gateway = name
#original_subnet.dhcp = dhcp
#Fix me
......@@ -271,14 +244,21 @@ def update_subnet(request, sub_id):
#Utility functions
def subnet_to_dict(subnet):
"""Returns a dictionary containing the info of a subnet"""
# FIX ME, allocation pools
dictionary = dict({'id':, 'network_id':,
'name':, 'tenant_id':,
dns = check_empty_lists(subnet.dns_nameservers)
hosts = check_empty_lists(subnet.host_routes)
#allocation_pools =
dictionary = dict({'id': str(,
'network_id': str(,
'name': if is not None else "",
'gateway_ip': subnet.gateway,
'ip_version': subnet.ipversion, 'cidr': subnet.cidr,
'ip_version': subnet.ipversion,
'cidr': subnet.cidr,
'enable_dhcp': subnet.dhcp,
'dns_nameservers': subnet.dns_nameservers,
'host_routes': subnet.host_routes,
'dns_nameservers': dns,
'host_routes': hosts,
'allocation_pools': []})
if subnet.ipversion == 6:
......@@ -287,6 +267,13 @@ def subnet_to_dict(subnet):
return dictionary
def check_empty_lists(value):
"""Check if value is Null/None, in which case we return an empty list"""
if value is None:
return []
return value
def check_number_of_subnets(network, version):
"""Check if a user can add a subnet in a network"""
if network.subnets.filter(ipversion=version):
......@@ -294,12 +281,12 @@ def check_number_of_subnets(network, version):
"network is allowed")
def check_dhcp_value(dhcp):
def check_boolean_value(value, key):
"""Check if dhcp value is in acceptable values"""
if dhcp not in [True, False]:
raise api.faults.BadRequest("Malformed request, enable_dhcp/slac must "
"be True or False")
return dhcp
if value not in [True, False]:
raise api.faults.BadRequest("Malformed request, %s must "
"be True or False" % key)
return value
def check_name_length(name):
......@@ -333,7 +320,7 @@ def get_subnet_fromdb(subnet_id, user_id, for_update=False):
return Subnet.objects.get(id=subnet_id, network__userid=user_id)
except (ValueError, Subnet.DoesNotExist):
raise api.faults.ItemNotFound('Subnet not found.')
raise api.faults.ItemNotFound('Subnet not found')
def parse_ip_pools(pools):
......@@ -346,8 +333,8 @@ def parse_ip_pools(pools):
pool_list = list()
for pool in pools:
asd = [pool["start"], pool["end"]]
parse = [pool["start"], pool["end"]]
return pool_list
......@@ -355,13 +342,13 @@ def validate_subpools(pools, cidr, gateway):
Validate the given IP pools are inside the cidr range
Validate there are no overlaps in the given pools
Finally, validate the gateway isn't in the given ip pools
Input must be a list containing a sublist with start/end ranges as strings
[["", ""], ["", ""]]
pool_list = list()
for pool in pools:
pool_list.append(map(lambda a: IPAddress(a), pool))
pool_list = sorted(pool_list)
pool_list = [(map(lambda ip_str: IPAddress(ip_str), pool))
for pool in pools]
if pool_list[0][0] <=
raise api.faults.Conflict("IP Pool out of bounds")
......@@ -369,7 +356,7 @@ def validate_subpools(pools, cidr, gateway):
raise api.faults.Conflict("IP Pool out of bounds")
for start, end in pool_list:
if start >= end:
if start > end:
raise api.faults.Conflict("Invalid IP pool range")
# Raise BadRequest if gateway is inside the pool range
if not (gateway < start or gateway > end):
......@@ -378,6 +365,6 @@ def validate_subpools(pools, cidr, gateway):
# Check if there is a conflict between the IP Poll ranges
end =
for pool in pool_list:
if end >= pool[1]:
if end >= pool[0]:
raise api.faults.Conflict("IP Pool range conflict")
end = pool[1]
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ class SubnetTest(BaseAPITest):
"""Test list subnets with data"""
test_net = mf.NetworkFactory()
test_subnet_ipv4 = mf.IPv4SubnetFactory(network=test_net)
test_subnet_ipv6 = mf.IPv4SubnetFactory(network=test_net, ipversion=6,
test_subnet_ipv6 = mf.IPv6SubnetFactory(network=test_net, ipversion=6,
response = self.get(SUBNETS_URL, user=test_net.userid)
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