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......@@ -388,6 +388,25 @@ commands are available:
Managing Virtual Networks
Cyclades is able to create and manage Virtual Networks. Networking is desployment
specific and must be customized based on the specific needs of the system
administrator. For better understanding networking please refer to :ref:`Network <networks>`
Exactly as Cyclades VMs can be handled like Ganeti instances, Cyclades Networks
can also by handled as Ganeti networks, via `gnt-network commands`. All Ganeti
networks that belong to Synnefo are named with a prefix
There are also the following snf-manage commands for managing networks:
* snf-manage network-list: List networks
* snf-manage network-show: Show information about network from Cyclades DB
* snf-manage network-inspect: Inspect the state of the network in DB and Ganeti backends
* snf-manage network-modify: Modify the state of the network in Cycldes DB
* snf-manage network-create: Create a new network
* snf-manage network-remove: Remove a network
Managing Network Resources
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