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Update pithos installation guide

Refs: #3519

Add a stamp database revision section in the guide.
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......@@ -975,6 +975,35 @@ like this:
Stamp Database Revision
Pithos uses the alembic_ database migrations tool.
.. _alembic:
After a sucessful installation, we should stamp it with the most recent
revision, in order to be able in the future to define the migrations should run
in subsequent upgrades.
In order to find the most recent revision, we check the migration history:
.. code-block:: console
root@node2:~ # pithos-migrate history
2a309a9a3438 -> 27381099d477 (head), alter public add column url
165ba3fbfe53 -> 2a309a9a3438, fix statistics negative population
3dd56e750a3 -> 165ba3fbfe53, update account in paths
230f8ce9c90f -> 3dd56e750a3, Fix latest_version
8320b1c62d9 -> 230f8ce9c90f, alter nodes add column latest version
None -> 8320b1c62d9, create index nodes.parent
Finally, we stamp it with the one found in the previous step:
.. code-block:: console
root@node2:~ # pithos-migrate stamp 27381099d477
Servers Initialization
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