Commit 91bf571f authored by Sofia Papagiannaki's avatar Sofia Papagiannaki
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parent 68cb6899
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY = getattr(settings, 'ASTAKOS_RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY', '')
RECAPTCHA_OPTIONS = getattr(settings, 'ASTAKOS_RECAPTCHA_OPTIONS', {'theme': 'white'})
# set AstakosUser fields to propagate in the billing system
BILLING_FIELDS = getattr(settings, 'ASTAKOS_BILLING_FIELDS', ['id', 'is_active', 'provider', 'third_party_identifier'])
BILLING_FIELDS = getattr(settings, 'ASTAKOS_BILLING_FIELDS', ['is_active'])
# Queue for billing.
QUEUE_CONNECTION = getattr(settings, 'ASTAKOS_QUEUE_CONNECTION', None) # Example: 'rabbitmq://guest:guest@localhost:5672/astakos.*'
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