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Add upgrade notes for version 0.15.1

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......@@ -5,6 +5,13 @@ Unified NEWS file for Synnefo versions >= 0.13
Since v0.13 all Synnefo components have been merged into a single repository.
.. _NEWS-0.15.1:
.. _NEWS-0.15:
......@@ -2553,12 +2553,14 @@ Upgrade Notes
v0.14.7 -> v0.14.8 <upgrade/upgrade-0.14.8>
v0.14.9 -> v0.14.10 <upgrade/upgrade-0.14.10>
v0.14 -> v0.15 <upgrade/upgrade-0.15>
v0.15 -> v0.15.1 <upgrade/upgrade-0.15.1>
Changelog, NEWS
* v0.15.1 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.15.1>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.15.1>`
* v0.15 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.15>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.15>`
* v0.14.10 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.10>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.10>`
* v0.14.9 :ref:`Changelog <Changelog-0.14.9>`, :ref:`NEWS <NEWS-0.14.9>`
Upgrade to Synnefo v0.15.1
This release has no notably upgrade steps.
Select Pithos storage backend
Starting with version 0.15.1, we introduce the ability to select or change the
storage backend for the Pithos Service between NFS and Rados. In order to use
Rados, you should first install `snf-image>=0.15` to all Ganeti nodes. For more
information about selecting the Pithos storage backend see
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