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Add docstring in get_rsapi_state()

Add improved documentation on how the API state is derived
based on the internal state of the VirtualMachine instance.
parent b2283092
......@@ -25,9 +25,26 @@ def id_from_instance_name(name):
return int(ns)
def get_rsapi_state(vm):
"""Returns the RSAPI state for a virtual machine"""
"""Returns the API state for a virtual machine
The API state for an instance of VirtualMachine is derived as follows:
* If the deleted flag has been set, it is "DELETED".
* Otherwise, it is a mapping of the last state reported by Ganeti
(vm.operstate) through the RSAPI_STATE_FROM_OPER_STATE dictionary.
The last state reported by Ganeti is set whenever Ganeti reports
successful completion of an operation. If Ganeti says an OP_INSTANCE_STARTUP
operation succeeded, vm.operstate is set to "STARTED".
* To support any transitive states defined by the API (only REBOOT for the time
being) this mapping is amended with information reported by Ganeti regarding
any outstanding operation. If an OP_INSTANCE_STARTUP had succeeded previously
and an OP_INSTANCE_REBOOT has been reported as in progress, the API state is
r = VirtualMachine.RSAPI_STATE_FROM_OPER_STATE[vm.operstate]
except KeyError:
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