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......@@ -122,6 +122,26 @@ retry=0, use_pool=False, pool_size=8, logger=None\ **)**
Return a list of dicts with the available resources
**send_feedback(**\ token, message, data\ **)**
Using a user's authentication token send some feedback to
astakos service. Additional information about the service
client status can be given in the data variable.
In case of success returns nothing.
Otherwise raise an AstakosClientException exception.
**get_endpoints(**\ token, belongs_to, marker, limit\ **)**
Given a user's authentication token, request registered
endpoints from astakos service. If belongs_to is given (uuid)
check that the token belongs to this user. If marker is given
(int) return endpoints (ordered by ID) whose ID is higher than
the marker. Limit (int) specifies the maximum number of
endpoints to return. Return a json formatted dictionary containing
information about registered endpoints.
.. warning:: *get_endpoints* api call encodes the user's token inside
the url. It's security unsafe to use it (both astakosclient
and nginx tend to log requested urls).
**get_quotas(**\ token\ **)**
Given a user's authentication token return user's
current quotas (as dict of dicts).
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