Commit 8ea93aef authored by Ilias Tsitsimpis's avatar Ilias Tsitsimpis
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snf-deploy: Fix ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL for cyclades.conf

Add the '/astakos' prefix to the ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL path.
parent 6cb9dfa0
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ NET_BAR_GRAPH_URL = 'https://%STATS%/stats/v1.0/net-bar/%s'
NET_TIMESERIES_GRAPH_URL = 'https://%STATS%/stats/v1.0/net-ts/%s'
GANETI_DISK_TEMPLATES = ('blockdev', 'diskless', 'drbd', 'file', 'plain',
'rbd', 'sharedfile', 'ext')
ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL = 'https://%ACCOUNTS%/identity/v2.0'
ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL = 'https://%ACCOUNTS%/astakos/identity/v2.0'
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