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Update Cyclades section in Changelog

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......@@ -112,11 +112,56 @@ Astakos
* Add support for snf-vncauthproxy 1.6 (configurable VNC console types)
* Add setting `CYCLADES_VM_MAX_METADATA` to limit the maximum number of Virtual
Machine metadata items
* Introduce Volumes and Snapshots:
* Implement 'cyclades_volumes' service, containing the /volumes, /types,
and /snapshots API endpoints under '/volumes/v2.0'.
* Implement `snf-manage volume-{create, list, show, modify, inspect, remove}'
management commands for handling of volumes.
* Implement `snf-manage snapshot-{create, list, show, modify}` management
commands for handling of snapshots.
* Implement 'volume-type-{create, list, modify, show, remove}` management
commands for handling of volume types.
* Add new settings:
* GANETI_MAX_DISKS_PER_INSTANCE: Maximum number of disks that each Ganeti
instance can have.
* CYCLADES_VOLUME_MAX_SIZE: The maximum allowed size (in GB) for Cyclades
* CYCLADES_SNAPSHOTS_ENABLED: Enable/Disable the snapshots feature
altogether at the API level.
* Integrate Cyclades resources with Astakos projects.
* Extend API calls that create resources with the 'project' attribute
in order to assign resources to the specified project.
* Implement API calls for reassigning resources to a new project.
* Export the project that a resource belongs in the 'tenant_id' API
* Add support for snf-vncauthproxy 1.6 (configurable VNC console types).
* Add support for more types of VM console:
* Modify the current 'console' action to support VNC WebSockets (requires
* Add support for the three OpenStack Compute console actions
(VNC, RDP, Spice). RDP and Spice are currently not implemented.
* Update Cyclades to work with Pithos with integrated Archipelago v2
* Include functionality for checking the status of the Cyclades update path,
which includes Ganeti, AMQP, snf-ganeti-eventd and snf-dispatcher. This
functionality is implemented as part of the snf-dispatcher and can be used
by passing the '--status-check' option.
* Add setting `CYCLADES_VM_MAX_METADATA` to limit the maximum number of
metadata per vm.
* Add setting `CYCLADES_VOLUME_MAX_METADATA` to limit the maximum number of
Volume metadata items
metadata per volume..
* Use common -u/--user option to specify the UUID or email of the user, for
all management commands.
* Store basic information about images that have been used to create servers,
in order to preserve this information even if images are deleted from
* Update 'backend-list' command to not count the free IPs from networks that
are drained.
* Fix the'network-inspect' command to not contain externally reserved IPs
in th number of available IPs.
* Fix various minor bugs.
Cyclades UI
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