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docs: Explain the difference between ADMIN groups

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......@@ -1683,7 +1683,11 @@ administrator can specify the group that he/she wants in the
Note that while any user that belongs to the `ADMIN_PERMITTED_GROUPS` has the
same access to the administrator dashboard, the actions that are allowed for a
group may differ. That's because Admin implements a Role-Based Access Control
(RBAC) policy, which can be changed from the `ADMIN_RBAC` setting.
(RBAC) policy, which can be changed from the `ADMIN_RBAC` setting. By default,
users in the `ADMIN_READONLY_GROUP` cannot perform any actions. On the other
hand, users in the `ADMIN_GROUP` can perform all actions. In the middle of the
spectrum is the `ADMIN_HELPDESK_GROUP`, which by default performs a small
subset of reversible actions.
Seting up Admin
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