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......@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ bin/
......@@ -20,7 +23,7 @@ selenium-server-standalone-2.0b2.jar
......@@ -31,6 +34,7 @@ pithos/data
......@@ -6,10 +6,12 @@ Unified Changelog file for Synnefo versions >= 0.13
Since v0.13 most of the Synnefo components have been merged into a single
repository and have aligned versions.
.. _Changelog-0.16:
Released: Mon Sep 8 17:26:35 EEST 201
......@@ -19,18 +21,18 @@ Synnefo-wide
* Projects are now viewed as a source of finite resources. A member can
reserve a part of these resources up to a specified limit.
* Base quota are now offered through a special purpose user-specific base
* Base quota are now offered through a special purpose user-specific system
project, identified with the same UUID as the user.
* Each actual resource (Cyclades VM, network, floating IP and Pithos
container) is now also associated with a project besides the owner.
* In resource creation, project defaults to the user-specific base
* In resource creation, project defaults to the user-specific system
project, if not specified otherwise. It is also possible to change the
project assignment of an existing resource.
* All existing resources have been assigned to the respective
user-specific base projects.
user-specific system projects.
* Logging mechanism for Synnefo management commands
......@@ -41,6 +43,12 @@ Synnefo-wide
specifies the directory to be used by Synnefo components to write
their log files.
* Rename argument names of Synnefo management commands
* All Synnefo management commands now use 'user/flavor/image/network'
as argument names, instead of 'userid/user-id/owner/flavor-id/image
-id/network-id', for consistency across commands.
......@@ -65,8 +73,8 @@ Astakos
activation, resources missing are automatically completed using a
* Field `uplimit' of registed resources is exposed as `base_default' and
provide the skeleton for user-specific base projects. A new field
* Field `uplimit' of registed resources is exposed as `system_default' and
provide the skeleton for user-specific system projects. A new field
`project_default' is introduce to act as a skeleton for conventional
......@@ -82,9 +90,169 @@ Astakos
* Projects can be set `private', making it accessible only to its owner and
* Admin users API
* Extend astakos identity API to support user management functionality.
* Admin API related settings
Whether or not the admin api endpoints will be enabled.
A list of group names for which users which belong to any of
them be granted full access to the admin API endpoints.
* Updated projects integration in UI
* Display both max per member/total in group quota in project views.
* Enhanced usage view to display individual resource usage details for
each of the projects the user is associated with.
* Display project usage statistics in project details view.
* Display system projects in admin project list view.
* Handle display of infinite resource quota values.
* Introduce Volumes and Snapshots:
* Implement 'cyclades_volumes' service, containing the /volumes, /types,
and /snapshots API endpoints under '/volumes/v2.0'.
* Implement `snf-manage volume-{create, list, show, modify, inspect, remove}'
management commands for handling of volumes.
* Implement `snf-manage snapshot-{create, list, show, modify}` management
commands for handling of snapshots.
* Implement 'volume-type-{create, list, modify, show, remove}` management
commands for handling of volume types.
* Add new settings:
* GANETI_MAX_DISKS_PER_INSTANCE: Maximum number of disks that each Ganeti
instance can have.
* CYCLADES_VOLUME_MAX_SIZE: The maximum allowed size (in GB) for Cyclades
* CYCLADES_SNAPSHOTS_ENABLED: Enable/Disable the snapshots feature
altogether at the API level.
* Integrate Cyclades resources with Astakos projects.
* Extend API calls that create resources with the 'project' attribute
in order to assign resources to the specified project.
* Implement API calls for reassigning resources to a new project.
* Export the project that a resource belongs in the 'tenant_id' API
* Add support for snf-vncauthproxy 1.6 (configurable VNC console types).
* Add support for more types of VM console:
* Modify the current 'console' action to support VNC WebSockets (requires
* Add support for the three OpenStack Compute console actions
(VNC, RDP, Spice). RDP and Spice are currently not implemented.
* Update Cyclades to work with Pithos with integrated Archipelago v2
* Include functionality for checking the status of the Cyclades update path,
which includes Ganeti, AMQP, snf-ganeti-eventd and snf-dispatcher. This
functionality is implemented as part of the snf-dispatcher and can be used
by passing the '--status-check' option.
* Add setting `CYCLADES_VM_MAX_METADATA` to limit the maximum number of
metadata per vm.
* Add setting `CYCLADES_VOLUME_MAX_METADATA` to limit the maximum number of
metadata per volume.
* Use common -u/--user option to specify the UUID or email of the user, for
all management commands.
* Store basic information about images that have been used to create servers,
in order to preserve this information even if images are deleted from
* Make 'snf-ganeti-eventd' tolerate failures when processing Ganeti jobs. The
daemon will not crash but continue to run in order to process jobs that can
be processed.
* Update 'backend-list' command to not count the free IPs from networks that
are drained.
* Fix the'network-inspect' command to not contain externally reserved IPs
in th number of available IPs.
* Add `GANETI_DISKS_WAIT_FOR_SYNC` setting to decide whether Ganeti will
wait for the disk mirror to sync (`--no-wait-for-sync` Ganeti option).
* Fix mishandling of `MAX_CIDR_BLOCK` setting. Allowed CIDR sizes
changed from (MAX_CIDR_BLOCK, 29) to [MAX_CIDR_BLOCK, 29].
* Fix various minor bugs.
Cyclades UI
* In sync with the updated astakos projects API
* Include a project select widget within all resource create views, to let user
decide the project that the created resources will be assigned to.
* Display resource assigned project in resource list views.
* Let user reassign resource project.
* Volumes API integration.
* Introduce the Disks list/create views.
* Display machine attached disks in icon/single machine views.
* Use ``CYCLADES_VOLUME_MAX_SIZE`` setting to determine the
maximum allowed disk size.
* Integrate volume snapshots
* Include available snapshots in disk/vm create wizards.
* Disk snaphot create actions.
* The ui snapshoting functionality (snapshot actions and listing)
can be enabled/disabled using the introduced ``UI_SNAPSHOTS_ENABLED``
* Replace TigerVNC Java client with an HTML5 Websocket-based client (noVNC)
* Other UI fixes
* Disabled suspended vm actions
* Custom error message for 413 api error response codes
* Enable resize actions from both info/actions subviews for active
* Update images collection each time machine create wizard opens
* Fixed a couple of title truncate in several views
* Handle display of infinite resource quota values.
* Improve network create wizard. Support for custom gateway.
* Common font styling for all resource titles
* Change default disposition type: If no disposition-type is
specifically requested or an invalid value is passed, the disposition type
is set to 'inline'.
* Introduce Administrator Dashboard, which provides the following:
* Graphic access to the details of various Synnefo entities (users, VMs,
* Intuitive filtering.
* Multiple actions and notifications.
* Charts and statistics generation.
.. _Changelog-0.15.2:
Released: Tue May 27 13:50:31 EEST 2014
* Fix minor problem in network stats plugin of collectd
* Fix small issue in the 'stats-cyclades' command arising when Ganeti cannot
communicate with a node.
* Check max size of server metadata
* Add support for Ganeti 2.10
Cyclades UI
* Fix oraclelinux icon name
.. _Changelog-0.15.1:
......@@ -5,6 +5,107 @@ Unified NEWS file for Synnefo versions >= 0.13
Since v0.13 all Synnefo components have been merged into a single repository.
.. _NEWS-0.16:
Released: Mon Sep 8 17:26:35 EEST 201
This is the first release candidate for Synnefo 0.16.
.. warning::
While we have done our best to ensure a smooth upgrade path from Synnefo
0.15.2, this release is not the final Synnefo 0.16, yet. Please do not install
this release directly on production systems. For any problems you may
encounter, please do not hesitate to contact the Synnefo users group,
The Synnefo 0.16 release brings major new features and significant bug fixes
across Synnefo. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. Please see
the Synnefo documentation for upgrade instructions to v0.16.
The most notables changes are:
* Administrator Dashboard: Synnefo 0.16 features a new, integrated Web-based UI
for managing Synnefo users and resources. It allows the administrator to
view, filter, modify, and produce stats for all Synnefo resources. This new
interface will eventually replace the old read-only helpdesk interface, which
has been obsoleted and will be removed in Synnefo 0.17.
* Pool projects: Projects have been upgraded to a new unified `pool project`
type in Synnefo 0.16. Resources get assigned to projects, and project members
may reserve resources from individual projects for their own use. Users may
choose the project where a new resource be charged (e.g., a new Cyclades VM or
a new IP address), and re-assign them freely. Pre-0.16 projects are a subset
of pool projects, with per-user constraints on resource consumption.
* Management command logging: All Synnefo management commands and their outputs
are individually logged, which may prove very useful for debugging and
auditing purposes.
* Archipelago has been adopted as the single backend for Pithos. It is a
unified access layer supporting NFS or Ceph/RADOS-based storage. Current
Pithos installations over NFS can be migrated seamlessly to Pithos over
Archipelago over NFS, please see the Synnefo upgrade notes (FIXME)
and the Archipelago Administrator's Guide for more details.
Cyclades VMs continue to run over all Ganeti-supported disk templates,
including DRBD, LVM, Ceph/RBD, and Archipelago.
* Various bug fixes and performance improvements. Please see the Synnefo
`Changelog` for a complete list.
* Storage: Major improvements in VM storage handling.
This release introduces a complete implementation of the OpenStack Block Storage
(Cinder) API v2.0, with distinct /volumes, /snapshots/, /types API endpoints.
* Storage: You can now add and remove virtual disks to and from VMs, even when
they are powered on, with hot-(un)plugging.
* Storage: You can now snapshot running VMs to files on Pithos, provided
their storage is backed by Archipelago. New snapshots appear in Pithos and
are manage-able as Pithos files.
* Storage: You can now spawn new VMs from pre-existing snapshots, regardless
of their disk template, e.g., you can use an existing snapshot to spawn a
DRBD VM. If the new VM is to be based on Archipelago, its creation is a thin
clone and completes in seconds.
PLEASE NOTE: Snapshot support is a work-in-progress, and Archipelago does not
yet perform garbage collection on snapshot deletion. This will be fixed in
Synnefo 0.17.
* Console: Support noVNC-based console for an HTML5-based UI to server consoles
over VNC, with HTTPS encryption. This removes the need for a working Java Runtime