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upgrade-notes: Add note for new 'ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL'

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......@@ -102,6 +102,23 @@ The upgrade to v0.15 consists in the following steps:
pithos-host$ pithos-migrate upgrade head
2.3 Update configuration files
The ``ASTAKOS_BASE_URL`` setting has been replaced (both in Cyclades and
Pithos services) with the ``ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL`` setting.
For Cyclades service we have to change the ``20-snf-cyclades-app-api.conf``
file, remove the ``ASTAKOS_BASE_URL`` setting and replace it with
``ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL``. Typically it is sufficient to add ``/identity/v2.0/``
at the end of base url to get the auth url. For example if base url had the
value of '' then the ``ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL``
setting will have the value of
For Pithos service we have to change the ``20-snf-pithos-app-settings.conf``
file in the same way as above.
3. Re-register components and services in astakos
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