Commit 839f4e3b authored by Kostas Papadimitriou's avatar Kostas Papadimitriou
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Fallback support to another image service in UI

So that glance image service can fallback to the old compute images api
for missing image references.
parent 760b97ee
......@@ -43,6 +43,8 @@
models.GlanceImages = snf.models.Images.extend({
model: models.GlanceImage,
api_type: 'glance',
fallback_service: snf.models.Images,
type_selections: {'personal':'My images',
'shared': 'Shared with me',
'public': 'Public'},
......@@ -1564,10 +1564,24 @@
this.api_call(this.path + "/" + id, this.read_method, {_options:{async:true, skip_api_error:true}}, undefined,
_.bind(function() {
if (!this.get(id)) {
this.add({id:id, name:"Unknown image", size:-1,
progress:100, status:"DELETED"});
if (this.fallback_service) {
// if current service has fallback_service attribute set
// use this service to retrieve the missing image model
var tmpservice = new this.fallback_service();
tmpservice.update_unknown_id(id, _.bind(function(img){
img.attributes.status = "DELETED";
}, this));
} else {
// else add a dummy DELETED state image entry
this.add({id:id, name:"Unknown image", size:-1,
progress:100, status:"DELETED"});
} else {
}, this), _.bind(function(image, msg, xhr) {
var img_data = this._read_image_from_request(image, msg, xhr);
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