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Documentation for Ganeti Instance Image

Added documentation in README.deploy describing
Ganeti Instance Image installation
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......@@ -141,10 +141,33 @@ to Synnefo v0.3.
FIXME: The CTRL_SOCKET setting will be moved to as
* Ganeti Instance Image
For Synnefo to be able to launch VMs from specified Images, you need
the gnt-instance-image OS Provider.
Download and install gnt-instance-image in all Ganeti nodes from its own repository,
After installing gnt-instance-image do the following:
1.root@ganeti-master:/path-to-repo# cp ./defaults /etc/default/ganeti-instance-image
2.Uncomment the following in /etc/default/ganeti-instance-image:
3.Add to /etc/default/ganeti-instance-image (so that make-dump makes no /boot partition):
4.Change the path in make-dump line 22 according to your installation
(/usr/share/ganeti/os/image/ --> /srv/ganeti/os/image/
5.Comment line 401 in (#KERNEL_PATH="$INSTANCE_HV_kernel_path")
Your Custom Images should be stored in a dump format under /var/cache/ganeti-instance-image
and their filenames should have the following format:
e.g. debian-6.0.1a-x86_64-root.dump (backend_id = "debian-6.0.1a")
- OS Specific instructions
* Debian Squeeze
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