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{% endblock %}
{% block page.body.description %}
<em>{{ BRANDING_SERVICE_NAME }} API</em> allows you complete access to all
of your data stored accross the {{ BRANDING_SERVICE_NAME }} services.
{{ BRANDING_SERVICE_NAME }} provides a complete REST API that allows you to access and
control your virtual resources programmatically. This means you can execute
all the actions you do from the {{ BRANDING_SERVICE_NAME }} Web UI by using a command
line client or importing the corresponding library inside your own code. If
you want to learn more about the specification of the REST API itself,
please take a look at the <a href=""
alt="Synnefo documentation">Synnefo documentation</a>.
{% endblock %}
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<div class="subsection">
{% block page.body.token %}
<h2>API details</h2>
To use {{ BRANDING_SERVICE_NAME }} via its REST API the only things you will need is your
Authentication Token and the Identity Service's public URL, which you can
find right below.
<br />
<br />
<div class="token-view">
<div class="detail clearfix">
<span class="title">Account UUID</span>
<input type="text" value="{{ request.user.uuid }}" disabled />
<div class="detail small clearfix">
<span class="title">Authentication url</span>
<input type="text" value="{{ token_url }}" disabled />
......@@ -46,15 +54,42 @@
<div class="subsection api-clients">
{% block page.body.clients %}
<h2>Command line client</h2>
<h3><a href="{{ client_url }}">Kamaki</a></h3>
Kamaki is a command line utility that fully supports the
<a href="{{ client_url }}" alt="kamaki">Kamaki</a> is the official
{{ BRANDING_SERVICE_NAME }} command line client. You can use it to control your virtual
resources from the command line or use it inside your scripts. Kamaki allows
you to execute all the operations you do from the Web UI. You can use kamaki
to register images, spawn clusters of customized VMs, connect them to
Private Virtual Networks, have them executing computations dynamically and
many other neat things. Kamaki is available for most Linux distributions,
Windows and Mac OS X. To use it you will need to set it up using your
Authentication Token and the Identity Service's public URL, found above. To
learn more about kamaki and how to install, configure and use, take a look
at its <a href="">corresponding page</a> </p>
<p class="download">You can download kamaki
from the <a href="{{ client_url }}">project homepage</a></p>
{% endblock %}
<div class="subsection api-advanced">
{% block page.body.api_advanced %}
<h2>API Advanced Usage</h2>
Apart from using the kamaki command line client, you can also import the
kamaki library inside your code and use it directly. More details on how
to do that on the corresponding kamaki
<a href="{{ client_url }}">kamaki </a>page.
You can also implement the REST API calls by yourself, without
using the official kamaki library if you feel confident with your
programming skills. To do so, you first need to get a good grasp of the
API itself; for more information take a look at the corresponding page
inside the
<a href="">Synnefo documentation</a>.
{% endblock %}
{% endblock %}
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