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......@@ -22,8 +22,25 @@ Synnefo-wide
* Implement Floating IP addresses, which are addresses that can be dynamically
added and removed to a running server.
* Implement the 'os-floating-ips' and 'os-floating-ip-pools' API extensions.
* Implement 'snf-manage floating-ip-list' management command.
* Add 'floating_ip_pool' attribute to networks. Such networks must exist to
all Ganeti backends.
* Speed up server reconciliation, by performing parallel reconciliation for
each backend.
* Implement IPv6 only networks.
* Implement 'resize' server action.
* Implement the 'resize' server action, to change the flavor of a server.
Only 'cpu' and 'memory' resizing is supported.
* Compute quotas for CPU and memory of running vms.
* Obsolete PUBLIC_USE_POOL setting, since Cyclades manages IP pool for all
type of networks.
type of networks.
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