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......@@ -372,6 +372,49 @@ the backends stats from the VM creation phase.
Finally, the admin can decide to have a user VMs in a specific backend, with
the `BACKEND_PER_USER` setting.
Managing Network Resources
Proper operation of of Cyclades Network Service depends on unique assignment of
specific resources to each virtual network. Specifically, these resources are:
* IP addresses. Cyclades creates a Pool of IPs for each Network, and assignes a
unique IP address for each VM connecting to a Network. You can see the IP pool
of each network by running `snf-manage network-inspect <network_ID>`. IP pools
are automatically created and managed by Cyclades, depending of the subnet of
the network.
* Bridges corresponding to phycal VLANs, which are required for networks of
`PRIVATE_PHYSICAL_VLAN` type, to guarantee isolation between networks and
MAC prefixes, which are required to guarantee isolation between networks
of `PRIVATE_MAC_PREFIX` type. Cyclades allocates these two resources from
pools that are created by the administrator with `snf-manage pool-create`
management command.
Creating a new Pool
Pools are created using the `snf-manage pool-create` command.
.. code-block:: console
# snf-manage pool-create --type=bridge --base=prv --size=20
will create a pool of bridges, containing bridges prv1, prv2,..prv21.
You can verify the creation of the pool, and check its contents by running:
.. code-block:: console
# snf-manage pool-list
# snf-manage pool-show --type=bridge 1
With the same commands you can handle the pool of MAC prefixes. For example:
.. code-block:: console
# snf-manage pool-create --type=mac-prefix --base=aa:00:0 --size=65536
will create a pool of mac-prefixes from aa:00:1 to b9:ff:f. The MAC prefix pool
is responsible from providing only unicast and locally administered MAC
addresses, so many of these prefixes will be externally reserved, to exclude
from allocation.
Cyclades advanced operations
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