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Update Changelog before tagging v0.4

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......@@ -2,6 +2,90 @@ Changelog
2011-06-06, v0.4
* Support displaying info on and handling of public and private networks,
with differential updates (#407, #469)
* Support create new private network (#541), add machine to
private network (#543)
* Design and implement a completely revamped blue and orange
color theme (#529, #531)
* Implement improved add/edit metadata dialog with suggested values for
keys (#535, #537)
* Implement list of suggested keys in add server metadata dialog (#537)
* Add full-screen Console window, themed as the rest of the UI (#497)
* Implement single-machine view in the UI (#573)
* Add user notification (spinner) on button clicks performing
API actions (#471)
* Full IE support, differential updates (#461)
* Each token has its own expiration date, fix expiration of
development test token (#483)
* Support adding new users to the DB by invitation (#439)
* Extend networks API, support differential updates for private nets (#569)
* Support XML replies for the /networks API namespace (#553)
* Implement mechanism for reconciliation of DB state with Ganeti backend
state in case of AMQP failure (#505)
* Support Ganeti link pooling for management of private networks (#513)
* Support reception and processing of NIC configuration notifications
from Ganeti over AMQP (#513)
* Implement generic API<->Ganeti mechanism for passing custom VM parameters (#487)
* Support selection and handling of OS images for VM customization (#489)
* Support random selection and enforcement of root password on Linux VMs (#485)
* Design and implement mechanism for handling network connection requests,
based on link ids of virtual NICs (#411)
* Support handling of public and private networks,
based on NFDHCPD and custom KVM ifup scripts (#407, #411)
* Remove extraneous GET /server/id/meta requests (#463)
* Fix location of the "Create New" wizard in IE (#467)
* Make numerous hardcoded strings translatable (#473)
* Fix alignment of step names in "Create New" wizard (#475)
* Fix OS icons not appearing in Opera (#477)
* Fix correspondence of OS icons to icon URIs (#481)
* Fix console action inoperable in list view (#497)
* Fix HTTP errors from backend not reported correctly (#523)
* Fix handling of API "UKNNOWN" status for servers (#571)
* Add SVG-derived icons for Fedora in multiple resolutions (#587)
* Various minor UI glitches (#583, #585, #591)
* Fix entering Greek characters in fields failed (was due to
problem with db creation parameters in MySQL) (#499)
* Fix return erroneous 304 NOT MOTIFIED for GET /servers if only
server metadata modified (#525)
* Fix return erroneous "UNKNOWN" status under specific circumstances (#573)
* Remove private network connections when a server is deleted (#579)
* Does not work with relative URLs (cannot deploy under subdir) (#421)
* UI breaks if "Create New" called twice in quick succession (#609)
* Esc/Enter keys do not work in edit metadata window (#605)
* No spinner icon on outstanding requests for updates to private networks (#607)
* Error window overflows in case of longer-than-usual traceback in
"Details" field (#611)
* Single-server view does not update properly (#613)
* Image deployment mechanism does not set Linux hostname properly (#603)
* No IPv6 reported from the Synnefo Ganeti hook to the API
(backend, API and UI can all handle IPv6 though) (#615)
* All VMs currently allocated to the first Ganeti node, since no
allocator has been installed in the development Ganeti yet (#617)
* No rigorous testing of data migration, migrations in real-world
conditions will probably fail (#503)
2011-05-10, v0.3
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