Commit 7645a0ed authored by Christos KK Loverdos's avatar Christos KK Loverdos
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Define resources for groups

parent 6bf7e811
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import sys
def show(x):
if isinstance(x, dict):
for k in x:
print "%s: %s" % (k, x[k])
elif isinstance(x, list):
for i, e in enumerate(x):
print "[%s] %s" % (i, e)
print x
def isstr(s):
return issubclass(type(s), basestring)
......@@ -51,6 +62,8 @@ def check_attribute_name(name, label='simple_name'):
raise Exception("'%s' is not a valid attribute name (contains '/')")
if name.find(' ') >= 0:
raise Exception("'%s' is not a valid attribute name (contains ' ')")
if name.find(':') >= 0:
raise Exception("'%s' is not a valid attribute name (contains ':')")
def check_relative_name(relative_name, label='relative_name'):
check_string(label, relative_name)
......@@ -78,11 +91,25 @@ def check_abs_resource_name(abs_resource_name,
check_abs_name(abs_resource_name, label)
if not abs_resource_name.startswith(NameOfResourcesNode):
raise Exception("'%s' is not a global resource name" % (abs_resource_name,))
raise Exception("'%s' is not a resource name. It must be under '%s'" % (
abs_resource_name, NameOfResourcesNode))
return abs_resource_name
def check_abs_group_name(abs_group_name,
``abs_group_name`` must always be a in absolute form.
check_abs_name(abs_group_name, label)
if not abs_group_name.startswith(NameOfGroupsNode):
raise Exception("'%s' is not a group name. It must be under '%s'" % (
abs_group_name, NameOfGroupsNode))
return abs_group_name
def check_node_key(node_key):
if node_key is not None:
check_string('node_key', node_key)
......@@ -94,6 +121,18 @@ def is_system_node(node_name):
return node_name == 'system'
def is_abs_resource_name(name):
return name.startswith(NameOfResourcesNode)
def is_abs_group_name(name):
return name.startswith(NameOfGroupsNode)
def is_abs_user_name(name):
return name.startswith(NameOfUsersNode)
def level_of_node(node_name):
Returns the level of a node in the absolute hierarchy, that is under
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