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......@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ As refered in the previous section, based on the operation that triggers
an email notification, the recipients list differs. Specifically for
emails whose recipients include contacts from your service team
(administrators, managers, helpdesk etc) synnefo provides the following
settings located in ``10-snf-common-admins.conf``:
settings located in ``00-snf-common-admins.conf``:
.. code-block:: python
......@@ -910,7 +910,9 @@ Setting Default Base Quota for Resources
We now have to specify the limit on resources that each user can employ
(exempting resources offered by projects).
(exempting resources offered by projects). When specifying storage or
memory size limits consider to add an appropriate size suffix to the
numeric value, i.e. 10240 MB, 10 GB etc.
.. code-block:: console
......@@ -1256,6 +1258,13 @@ Then run on node1:
root@node1:~ # gnt-cluster modify --disk-parameters=drbd:metavg=ganeti
root@node1:~ # gnt-group modify --disk-parameters=drbd:metavg=ganeti default
You can verify that the ganeti cluster is successfully setup,by running on the
:ref:`GANETI-MASTER <GANETI_NODES>` (in our case node1):
.. code-block:: console
# gnt-cluster verify
For any problems you may stumble upon installing Ganeti, please refer to the
`official documentation <>`_. Installation
of Ganeti is out of the scope of this guide.
......@@ -1886,7 +1895,7 @@ Edit ``/etc/synnefo/20-snf-cyclades-app-queues.conf``:
The above settings denote the Message Queue. Those settings should have the same
values as in ``/etc/synnefo/10-snf-cyclades-gtools-backend.conf`` file, and
values as in ``/etc/synnefo/20-snf-cyclades-gtools-backend.conf`` file, and
reflect our :ref:`Message Queue setup <rabbitmq-setup>`.
Edit ``/etc/synnefo/20-snf-cyclades-app-vmapi.conf``:
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