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Update README.upgrade for v0.6

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This file documents the upgrade to newer versions of the Synnefo software.
For more information, please see README.deploy.
v0.5.5 -> v0.5.6
v0.5.5 -> v0.6
* A new Web-based admin interface is available under /admin.
It is accessible by users of type 'ADMIN' in the DB, with
their authentication token. "snf-admin user modify" may be used
to change the type of a specific user.
* Implemented new reconciliation management command, please see
./ reconcile --help for more info.
./ reconcile --help and README.admin for more info.
Recommended to run ./ reconcile --detect-all periodically,
via cron.
* A new version of ganeti-instance-image is required (v0.5.1-1-snf1).
The new version is available for download as a debian package:
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